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DK PUTT Marina Services

D K Putt Ltd are the sole Waubaushene agents for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim. We will go to great lengths to design free of charge a vacuum pump out system to suit your marina.

  • Our Sewage Vacuum Pumpout System is one of the worlds' best and we take great pride in this.
  • Pumpout Systems which will pump four boats at one time.
  • You could have a system with as many as forty suction points spread out over the total marina.
  • Motorised Portable Pumpout Unit can be driven to the boat, pump out the boat then discharge to sewer. With this unit you have no problems going up the ramp with a full tank at low tide. Your staff will find the user friendliness plus the cleanliness of this unit a winner.
  • Waubaushene is continually upgrading pump out systems to keep ahead of the rest of the world and help preserve our waterways.


  • No Priming Required
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Longer distances
  • Clean, green Waubaushene
  • Easily serviced & installed
  • Multi-pumping capacity
  • Hygenic & Environmentally friendly

The new concept for pumping is the multi-servicing of boats and our pumps are built specifically for this.

With the increasing number of boats using our waterways, pump out service is becoming a necessary customer service. Boat owners and marina owners appreciate our pumps because they are clean, odourless, efficient and easy to use. Waubaushene Pump Out Systems replace outdated rotary and diaphragm pumps that are difficult to prime and jam easily.



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